The Travel Grinder

Packing for a weekend trip can be a chore. We try not to forget anything, but it doesn’t always work out that way.  It’s especially tough when you forget a grinder and have to resort to buying a cheap gas station one that works as well as a square wheel. That’s why Grind Lab is trying to get the Green Pepper in every dispensary.  Traditional metal grinders are heavy, smelly, and are likely to open and spill in a bag or backpack. The Green Pepper is an all-in-one storage container and grinder, perfect for traveling.  Pack it full with a quarter of flower, throw it in your bag, and don’t worry about spilling or smell.  Don’t want to bring it back home with you?  Great, recycle it and forget about it.  You can always get another one.  Replace your storage container and  grinder with one item that you can use then lose.

The Green Pepper was designed with the traveler in mind. No one should fly with their grinder, especially a traditional metal one.  It has always been a hassle to have to buy a grinder along with your flower in a different state. The Green Pepper is the perfect solution, and we recommend our retailers to offer it as a package for travelers when they buy an eighth or more of flower. The Green Pepper is a high quality herb grinder and herb storage container all in one.  

The Green Pepper is also ideal for day excursions and activities. Instead of pre-rolling everything, just throw your Green Pepper in your bag and go. It won't spill, and you can grind on the go.  Throwing a traditional grinder in a bag has a very high risk of spilling, which is why many people don’t bring them.  With the Green Pepper, bring it on the mountain, on the boat, on a hike, or to a friend’s house. The storage area can also hold papers and a small lighter.