Grind Lab was started in 2021 in Atlanta Georgia by a graduate of the University of Georgia. The herb, hemp, and flower grinding experience has remained largely unchanged for the past twenty years, and Grind Lab sought to change that.  The vast majority of traditional grinders have had the same expensive and clunky 3-4 piece design for a generation. These grinders require users to grind all flower deposited, and users need to manually pickup product that will likely spill. We wanted to create a product that would flip the traditional grinder on its head, and combine the storage and grinding tool for a cleaner, more functional and less expensive experience.  Our grinders are reliable enough to be used everyday at home, and priced for tourists and travelers to use and recycle on weekend trips.  All Grind Lab products have always been proudly designed and manufactured in the United States.



Our mission is to make the best touchless, portable grinder on the market. Flying across the country and visiting a dispensary? The Green Pepper is for you. Going on a weekend trip up to the mountains and don’t want to bring your heavy metal grinder?  The Green Pepper is for you.  The use cases are endless. Through our rigorous testing trials with some of the heaviest smokers out there, the Green Pepper can shred through over an ounce a week for months without needing to be replaced.  Are you someone that loses things easily?  Stop wasting money on expensive grinders and buy a dozen for less than a traditional piece.