Why Buy Multiple Grinders?

Dedicated Strains

It may seem excessive to have more than one grinder, but if you are someone who likes different strains for different moods, multiple grinders may be something you want to consider.  As someone who prefers their Sativa during the day and Indica to wind down at night, we find it’s easy to mix them up with only one grinder.  Leftovers from last night’s session still in the grinder can mix in with your morning lift.  With dedicated Green Peppers for your Indicas, Sativas, and even Hybrids, you can grind exactly what you want, when you want, directly in your device.


Communal Grinder

A group smoke sesh is one of the best ways to enjoy company.  Gathering donations from everyone’s personal grinder or storage container can be an awkward chore. There is always that one friend that seems to always smoke everyone out, and the other guy who never has any supply. The Green Pepper is a great solution for large group settings.  Fill up a Green Pepper with a quarter of communal nug from the local dispensary’s discounted batch, and everyone can use it without worrying about smoking their personal stash. If you’re having a group over, the Green Pepper can be your communal grinder container, like a communal case of beer.   


Replacing Alcohol

Alcohol has always been a go to host gift or party favor for gatherings. As Hemp and hemp related products become more popular, they have become more mainstream and accepted as an alternative to alcohol. If you are looking for a different type of party favor or host gift, the Green Pepper will be sure to be remembered by the recipients. Replace your bottle of wine or liquor with a Green Pepper and an eighth. Give a Green Pepper and guarantee yourself an invite to the next event.


The Forgetful Smoker

Everyone has their moments when they leave things at others' houses or loses items altogether.  Many casual smokers have their lapses and leave things behind, including their expensive grinder. Realizing you left your $80 grinder at an Airbnb is a bummer. Losing an $6 Green Pepper is much easier to swallow. Grind Lab offers bulk pricing, so if you are someone who has a history of losing grinders, order a 12 pack and don’t worry about losing one.