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Green Pepper Herbal Grinder

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The Green Pepper is a new type of disposable Herb Grinder unlike anything on the market today.  What makes this grinder better than traditional herbal grinders is the storage and gravity feed method, like peppercorn grinders found in most kitchens.  The Green Pepper is a vertical grinder specifically engineered for herbs, flower, and hemp buds. It can store over a quarter ounce of product, will grind and pour directly into bowls, wraps, etc. without human touch, and fits in your pocket. The Green Pepper features a sliding top with pouring spout which guides grinds directly into your desired device. It also contains smell better than traditional 3-4 piece grinders while producing a smooth, clean grind comparable to the best on the market today. Available in clear and opaque styles. 

How it Works: The Green Pepper stores small to medium sized nuggets in the base bottle, with the grinding mechanism imbedded in the spout. Simply unscrew the base to add product, turn the grinder upside down, direct the opening into your smoking device, and twist to grind. Watch the video to the left below the main picture!

Approximate  Size: 2 x 2 x 3.5 inches

Weight: 1.4 ounces


US Patent No: 11,419,457